MGM Lions Share Progressive Slot Machine

The Legend of the Lion’s Share Slot Machine at MGM Grand

Las Vegas is commonly know as the city of sin. More importantly it is a city full of casinos and the home of the mythical slot machine found at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The ‘Lion’s Share’ slot machine went almost twenty years without someone hitting a jackpot and it just kept growing as no one seemed to hit it. The machine was sitting at 2.4 million dollars when Walter and Lind Misco finally did on August 22, 2014.

Before the big jackpot was hit however, the Lion’s Share was a true urban legend that had quite a few followers, just waiting to hit the huge jackpot. Many people came from all over the world to try to be the lucky winners of two million dollars and growing. There were rumors that the casino actually wanted to get rid of the machine because it had been there for so long, since 1995. These rumors were soon dismissed however because of how many people actually played that particular slot machine in hopes they would win. There were many times when the line to play the slot machine exceeded over twenty people! This doesn’t mean that they weren’t happy to get rid of the machine though. The Lion’s Share was extremely outdated considering it had been there for more than twenty years, and the display was less than pretty.

The Miscos were ecstatic to be the winners of the 2.4 million dollars. Walter Misco states that he had been playing that particular machine for about five minuets before he knew it, he had won the money. He said that he couldn’t believe that he had actually hit the jackpot! The winners got all of the money at one time in the form of a check. When asked how they were going to spend the money they replied that they were going to put it up for their children and grandchildren’s school tuition. It seems that the legend of the Lion’s Share slot machine has finally come full circle.